First, Knowing Where You Are Is Important

Your company is like a boat.

Your boat rocks back and forth, side to side.  Money would flow to one side, reverse, then flow to the other. Flows of money are likely rocking a dingy from one side to another.

One of the ideas we have had recently, is that monies flowing back and forth may overwhelm other things in a very low growth environment. In other words, money flow dominate.

If money flows do dominate, then a business owner can become powerless.

Powerless, in that perceptions and herd mentality of others owners overwhelms your brain for a while.

From one side of the boat, to the other. And back.

Shift the balance, of your attention. Take a weekend and look to where you are. Look at your financials, employees, expenses and then start calling customers.

They’ll tell you which direction you are going, if you ask in the right way.

I do this every Sunday.